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Our Leadership Principles

Company Priniciples

What We Stand for as an Employer


Leadership does not happen in the background - it is our core responsibility and takes place on a daily basis. At Lidl, we act in unison, beyond hierarchy boundaries. With our leadership, we ensure that everyone in the company is working hand-in-hand. Our managers see themselves as part of the team and put their shared success at the heart of the business.

Leading Through Com2

Leading through Communication

Communication at Lidl is simple and direct - just as our business model. We speak honestly and openly. If conflict arises, we address issues directly and immediately and resolve them fairly. As managers, we create meaning by always explaining the overall context and appreciating the value and contribution of everyone’s work. We create an inclusive environment by incorporating our employees in decisions. We thoroughly explain the reasons why when executive decisions are made. We ensure that our employees are the first to be informed. We take care of them by providing needed information. We respect those employees who have the courage to ask questions, even if those questions are critical ones. We take time to respond to these questions.

Developing Employees

Developing Employees

We strive to attract the best employees to Lidl. This is the foundation for our success and our guiding principle. We encourage and promote our employees while enabling them to grow. All team members show commitment to their responsibilities. In return, we strongly encourage that everyone show active commitment for their responsibilities. As managers, we will be measured against the strength of our employees and their development within the entire company. Our employees have the right to know where they stand, which is why we provide constructive feedback on their performance. We understand how important appreciation is to our employees. We create a welcoming environment based on performance and commitment; which motivates our employees to do their best every day. Good leadership requires a great deal of self-reflection. We encourage feedback from our employees on a regular basis in order to become better leaders.

High Performing

Remaining High-Performing & Dynamic

Striving for constant development is what drives us and has us reflect on past status quo. We do not shy away from creating change while also maintaining what has proven to be successful. As managers, we consciously steer this dynamic in order to innovate within the company. It is our responsibility to approve innovations while maintaining the core of our business. We comply with defined processes. This is the only way to guarantee constant high quality across all countries while adapting to local environments. This is one of our keys to success. We understand that: “Simple is not easy.” As a discounter, we prefer simple solutions to complex ones. As managers, we ensure this remains constant. We ensure we remain high-performing by fostering a work-life balance. Our overall success is our focused attention in everything we do. We will only achieve it as a team.


Establishing Trust & Acting Fair

We trust our employees and have confidence that they meet their responsibilities. We strongly believe that every single team member does their best to bring Lidl forward. We create a culture in which employees dare to break fresh ground. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Supervision is practiced support. It is a contribution to the stability of our business model and helps us become better. We are predictable and reliable. We keep our word and promises. We stick to our agreements. We appreciate our employees and treat everyone fairly. We respect their individual personalities and skills. We treat our employees with the greatest respect and expect the same in return. We understand the responsibilities of being a manager and ensure to prevent any misuse of our roles. We treat our employees as partners.

Role Model

Being a Role Model

Every single one of us assumes our own entrepreneurial responsibility and independently pushes our tasks - which are clearly defined. Details are important to us. We lead through questions and are interested in the business - we are involved. As managers, everything we do has a significant impact. Therefore, we set a good example in all of our actions. We give our employees free reign and at the same time set clear boundaries for independent decisions. When delegating tasks, we keep an eye on the skills and the experience of each employee. We consciously handle our resources. We are proud of our teams and acknowledge achievements within them.