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It is important to us that upon starting a job with Lidl US, you benefit not only from great pay and benefits, but that you are also able to gain the benefits of making global connections and lasting relationships within our company!

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Our Company Principles Hero

Our Company Principles

Lidl Company Principles

As an international company, we’re aware of our size and public visibility. We respect the variety of cultures and recognize the diversity of their values & traditions.

Our work is characterized by the following company principles:

  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Superior quality for the lowest price possible determines our position in the market
  • Our continued growth is determined by expansion and constant improvement in our stores
  • As an efficient company, we work according to defined processes and procedure
  • Our success is ensured by short decision paths and simple work processes
  • In our daily activities we make sure to abide by the law and internal policies
  • We are an economically, socially, and environmentally responsible company
  • Fairness to all in the company is imperative
  • We respect and encourage each other
  • Agreements are upheld in an atmosphere of trust
  • Recognition, acknowledgement, and constructive feedback determine the operating environment in our daily work
  • We foster an environment for leadership growth to ensure continuous success