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Be at the center of our business, developing and managing the backbone of our nationwide logistics network – from warehousing to transportation and recycling.

Our Head Office Logistics Department designs, implements and ensures the most efficient processes for warehousing, logistics, transport and recycling across our Regional Distribution Centers. Warehousing encompasses all aspects of operations which relate to productivity, warehouse layouts, warehouse systems and general operations. Transport directly addresses the distribution of goods to stores, and represents one of the biggest financial responsibilities in the business. With logistics, you are responsible for sourcing, negotiating and managing third-party logistics providers at a contractual level while ensuring costs are minimized. Waste and Recycling focuses both on reducing waste sent to landfills, and on separating and recycling materials – a process that not only aligns with our Company’s Principals but also represents a sustainable revenue source.

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Logistics in a Lidl warehouse is comprised of three different areas; Goods In, Selection, and Transport.

Goods In checks the quantity and quality of all stock delivered to our warehouse.

Selection picks our stores’ orders and ensuring they receive the goods they need, ensuring all stock is processed for transport.

Transport ensures the efficient and timely delivery of stock to our stores, constantly adapting to changing conditions to deliver optimum results.

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Lidl US is new to the U.S. market but we are not new to the grocery world.

We are efficient in the way we operate, dynamic with what happens on a daily basis, everything is ever changing and expanding across the U.S.. Lidl US has a fast paced environment that will keep you at your best, ready for the next challenge. No matter where you work within Lidl US, you will meet new people from across the business, learn new things from one another and build lasting relationships working as a team. Are you up for the challenge?