Asked Questions


How can I search and apply for open positions?

This site is updated daily to include available jobs in the US. Use the Job Search button to search for jobs or to view all available jobs. When submitting your application, please ensure that all details entered are correct. You have the option of uploading a cover letter to express your interest and add to your story that may not be so apparent in your resume.

Who can apply?

That depends on the position for which you are applying. Please check the requirements detailed in the job descriptions. When applying for a position with us, please outline why you think you would fit the job profile. We are always looking for the best; we want motivated people, who want to shape the future of retail with us.

When should I apply?

Across all areas of our business, we are continuously looking for skilled and driven people to add to our workforce. Submit your resume, along with a completed online application form detailing your availability, as well as any previous commitments you have, as well as any specific notice period required by your current employer.

What skills and qualifications are necessary to work for Lidl US?

Each role has different criteria in regards to qualifications, skills, and abilities. Please check the detailed job description of the position to which you are applying for more information. Overall, we want motivated people, who love working in a challenging and fast paced environment. We seek driven people who want to shape the future of retail with us!

I've submitted a Job Application. What is the next step?

Once you have applied, we will send you an e-mail acknowledging that your application has been received. Our recruiters will then review your information alongside other applicants for the position, in order to select a list of candidates. Due to the high number of applicants, this review process may take a while. We appreciate your patience during this process.