Diversity & Inclusion

A Message From CEO Johannes Fieber to our Team on Juneteenth 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Three weeks ago, I felt compelled to write to you because I was outraged by the horrific killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Since then, we have seen demonstrations taking hold within our communities and a national discussion taking place about equality and justice for members of the African-American community. The leadership team and I believe this discussion is positive and necessary. Racism has no place in our society nor at Lidl. 

Today we mark Juneteenth, the oldest national commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.  On this day we affirm again that Black Lives Matter and those lives play an integral role in our identity as a nation.  We recognize that more needs to be done to promote equality and diversity.

At Lidl US, we are committed to continuing to build a workplace as inclusive as we are diverse.  Over the coming year, we will further enhance our education and training initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion. We will also strengthen the resources available to all team members on LOOP and provide additional support to the business from the Diversity & Inclusion function within our Employment Practices department.

On July 1st, we will launch a company-wide survey to better understand our team’s experience around inclusion in our workplace. We will listen to your feedback and will take actions to assure our vision is living across our organization.

I know these are challenging times, but I also know that together we can forge a path forward that is fair and just for our team and assures a better tomorrow for our communities.

Thank you for being part of it.