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Unique Opportunity to gain
hands-on experience
with an international retailer

Internship Information

*Lidl US will start accepting internship applications for the summer of 2018 at the beginning of the 2018 year.

At Lidl US, we designed an internship program that provides the hands-on experience that all college students need to excel in their chosen field. These fields include IT, Purchasing, HR, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Facility Management, Logistics, Packaging & Design, PR, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Real Estate and Supply Chain. This program is designed to push students to think outside the box, be innovative, and put their best foot forward. Bringing Europe’s favorite grocery chain to the US is hard work, and we need people in every area of the business who are ready to roll up their sleeves. Expectations were created to be a two-way street, and we choose interns who have high expectations of us and considerable goals for the future. Lidl US also understands the financial burden students may carry, so not only will our interns be paid, but they will have the opportunity to receive professional leadership development through our various training initiatives at no cost to themselves.


•    10 week program in Arlington, Virginia
•    Competitive pay
•    Includes professional and personal development
•    On-the-job training

How can you earn a spot in the 2017 Lidl US Summer Internship?
Apply Today! We are accepting applications via our Careers Website -- click the yellow "Apply Now" button on this page. Stay connected with Facebook and LinkedIn to receive any updates about this program, or to see if we will be visiting your university!

Your Profile

•    GPA of 3.0 + from accredited four year University or Graduate school
•    Will graduate in 2018 or 2019
•    Ability to commit to a full time work schedule
•    Ability to travel within the US if required
•    Excellent and effective written and verbal communication skills
•    Ability to work independently or in a group in an open office environment
•    Excellent problem solving skills
•    Self-motivated
•    Detail oriented
•    Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office products

Your Tasks and Responsibilities

•    Provide professional results on projects designed by assigned department
•    Conduct work within project budget and given deadlines
•    Participate in group and individual development days
•    Provide research assistance
•    Any other duty that may be assigned